About us...

Sauce and Sprinkles? Why not design and print?

Yep, Sauce and Sprinkles is all about design and printing, but what’s in a name? 

Sauce and Sprinkles was born in January 2016 after a pivotal moment nearing mid 30’s when I decided it was time to do what I’d always wanted to do!

Combining years of retail experience with a life long love of art and design and a passion to make work “work” around my 2 small people I took the plunge!

It was a rare date night in January 2016 we went to the cinema and my husband had a mind block on the term for ice cream sundae toppings and requested more "sprinkly bits" on top. Now I don't remember for the life of me the film we saw but we laughed over this for a while and so my name was inspired!

I offer a range of services from small business graphic design and stationery needs to giftware for loved ones and baby showers, weddings and other celebrations.

I'm most proud of my creation of diabetes diaries for kids to use at home and school living with T1 diabetes, these are a website best seller! The insides were designed by working with T1 families!

I work with a variety of media however most of my work is produced using graphics software and occasionally a graphics tablet, from a hand drawn creation, scanned and traced online and finished digitally to If it fits the bill I'll use licensed stock images too.

So who are we?

Sauce and Sprinkles is run solo by me, Caragh! Pronounced Cara, as I know you were wondering, it's Gaelic, quirky moment by my parents there!

I'm an Isle of Wight based designer bringing you goodies and stationery combining a mix of hand drawn and digitally traced, graphically created designs, and stock image based work from my home based office.

I've been working in design and printing for over 4 years now and I built my business from scratch starting with a printer and a pc in the understairs cupboard in the early days to the full blown office of printers and tools and kit it is today.

When I'm not in the office you'll find me with my Husband and 2 children or most likely curled up with one of our 2 cats!

Ask me anything?

Every small business has a face behind the business and this is me!

I love to draw, especially kids characters and cartoons, drawing is my forte and love since a child, however more recently I've worked more closely in online work and graphics, I use a mixture of graphics tablet and software to produce high quality online work! Design is such a dynamic ever changing area to work in I literally never get bored!

I've had a lifelong affair with my love of cartoons! Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes and Spongebob to name a few that I adore! Oh and cats, flamingos and pineapples are a firm favourite to cartoonise!

I'm also avidly into gaming, dipping in and out of growing stuff in the garden, and a little bit of a geek!

I love designing logos for businesses and I love it even more turning it into printed goodies! Need help? I'm a real person not just a website, just drop me a line at [email protected], I'm always happy to help!

Meet the helpers...